The Harmony Brand Champion drives the process, acting as both your in-house marketing manager and your ad agency. Based on the scope of the project, the HBC leverages a network of skilled, independent professionals, to complete the work. This allows for maximum flexibility to select the best talent for the task, while eliminating the need for commitments to large agencies.

The Brand Champion will work with you to design a fully customized marketing and advertising support solution for your business.

  • Duration: long or short term, full or part time
  • Location: virtual and/or on-site location
  • Collaboration: tailored mix of skilled partners as needed
  • Organization: flexible to work embedded in your team, or independently

The Brand Champion builds the marketing plan, then once approved, leads a team of independent experts to creatively execute the plan. You get the best of marketing and advertising, without the long term commitment or costly agency of record contracts.