A Harmonious Blend of Strategy & Execution

Contracted Brand Management & Advertising in One

If you run a business, manage operations, or have sales and marketing responsibilities, you can appreciate the impact that marketing campaigns have on the performance of your brands. But the planning, development, production and execution of those campaigns can be time consuming and costly, requiring the added overhead of full time staff and long term commitment with agencies and vendors. Many businesses and brands can’t support this kind of investment.

That’s where we come in.

We’re Harmony Marketing Partners. We bring together the benefits of an experienced in-house marketing team and an external advertising agency in one service, on a short-term, contracted basis. You get the very best marketing without the costs and commitments of full-time staff.

How Harmony Works


  •            We hired Harmony to help us grow our key product Hoof Zink, which we knew was a better product than the competition, but wasn't performing well because we weren't investing in marketing. Eric and his team came in and worked with us to build a comprehensive marketing plan, re-position and re-brand Hoof Zink, and develop a breakthrough advertising campaign. Harmony handled all the marketing strategy and the creative execution, too. The campaign is in full swing and we're seeing great results: sales are way up over last year, and the phone is ringing off the hook. We wholeheartedly recommend Harmony for companies that want to grow, and need both marketing strategy and creative execution in one solution.

    Bob Baltzell President - Sirius Solutions