Calf-Master is a nutritional supplement designed to aid the growth and overall health of dairy calves. Since its 2013 launch, sales have yet to achieve their full potential due to the lack of a formal marketing department, and overall limited marketing support.


Harmony Marketing Partners acquired comprehensive input from key stakeholders, refined strategic insights, and prepared a cohesive and tactical marketing strategy. Utilization of a testimonial-based approach as well as the development of a creative platform and marketing collateral resulted in a successful campaign launch on June 2016.

We wanted to increase sales of Calf-Master, so we called in Eric Schreiber at Harmony Marketing Partners. They came in and built a marketing plan, the promotion, created the selling materials, advertisements, direct mail and website for us. He then launched it to our reps at our national sales meeting. He did a great job! We saw sales really start to take off after that!”
– Tom Borders, Former VP of Sales and Marketing, Animal Medic

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