Hoof-Zink is a concentrate used to prevent digital dermatitis in dairy cows. Clinical and field data shows that its liquid zinc chloride composition yields superior results in efficacy and environmental safety than the copper-sulfate based competitors. However, the lack of promotion of this data has resulted in years of stagnant sales, and a market share of less than 1% of a roughly $250M market.


Through comprehensive market research and competitor analysis, Harmony Marketing Partners uncovered specific areas in which to effectively compete and win. Strategically, HMP focused on larger dairies and foot trimmers, as well as creating new positioning, value propositions and message platforms. The marketing plan guided a complete branding rework, boasting and differentiating Hoof Zink’s unique liquid concentration. A new trade advertisement, two customer testimonial videos, and selling material for distribution were created along with a website remodel.

Our Hoof Zink product has been on the market 8 years, and I just felt we could do better, but needed a new message. Eric took a look at the market landscape, the competition, talked with customers, and ended up repositioning the product. His team created a great new ad, videos, sales brochures, a website, direct mail—they did everything!  The phones started ringing! We got a lot of interest and sales started to really take off. We’ve continued to work with Harmony for 3 years—I’d highly recommend them!”
– Bob Baltzell, President, Sirius Solutions

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