PortionPro Rx is a cutting edge, innovative technology solution to pet obesity and feeding challenges within multi-pet homes. The brand was in need of fundamental strategy work to improve its value proposition, as well as the expert insight needed to guide product development.


Harmony Marketing Partners gathered extensive insights from the brand’s clientele after conducting interviews and in-home product testing with pet parents and veterinarians. Core positioning, value proposition and a message platform were all developed, along with the company’s logo, the device’s look and feel, messaging and packaging, sales materials, trade show booth and website.

We hired Eric and the gang at Harmony 3 years ago when all we had was a prototype and a product name. Eric took on the role of chief marketing officer and we used Harmony to fully develop the product, all the marketing, sales and launch materials, and the overall marketing plan for the PortionPro Rx. They did an absolutely exceptional job—no one provided more value or brought more to the table than Harmony. I wholeheartedly recommend them!”
– Bob LaRoche, CEO, Vet Innovations

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